Set of Category Labels: Projekt

How should the set of category labels be named?

Short description or explanation showing up in the classification of an item.
Das Projekt, für das das Beispiel von besonderem Interesse ist.

Description showing up in the classification form.

Long Description that is not showing in the context of an item at all.

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To which types of items should this set of category labels be applicable?
Bibliographischer Eintrag, Examples

Choose whether the category labels of this set are mutually exclusive or non-exclusive.

Choose a relation type to inherit categorization from.

Should arbitrary users (not only members of the editorial board) be allowed to add category labels to this set?

Should it be impossible to add new category labels to this set?

Give a numerical value to indicate where in the list of categories this one should appear. They will be displayed in ascending order.



Title/Label Description Weight
Beispiele ästhetischen Wissens seit 1750 Dieses Projekt sammelt Beispiele aus ästhetischen Schriften ab 1750. 10
Handgreifliche Beispiele Projekt zu "handgreiflichen Beispielen" in Ästhetik, Phänomenologie, Medientheorie und Kulturtheorie. 200
Heideggers Beispiele Das Projekt sammelt Beispiele aus Martin Heideggers Schriften. 300