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Schreikranich (Vogel), Wildtruthuhn
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vom Aussterben bedrohte Art
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The environmentalist sees the almost certain extinction of a species such as the Whooping Crane (Grus americana) or wild American Turkey (Mealeagris gallopavo) as the sole responsibility of human folly that many environmentalists believe could be corrected through moral effort. Extinctions are seen as examples of contemporary decay and degradation of an environment that is presumed to have been better in the past. If humans do not reverse their decadent or thoughtless trend, it is said, and act more responsibly, this environmental decay will lead to an unnatural cataclysm. Because our species is playing a part in the coming extinctions of many wild forms, we humans tend to think that we are the sole cause of such extinctions and must be acting voluntarily. And so, obsessed with guilt rather than struggling to understand, we imagine that extinctions-to-come will soon mean the death of Nature, rather than a rebalancing of the prevailing situation.

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Raymond P. Coppinger und Charles Kay Smith. „The Domestication of Evolution“. In: Environmental Conservation 10.4 (Winter 1983), S. 283–292
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Beispielstreit Artensterben

Die Stelle gibt zum einen einen Hinweis darauf, welch zentraler epistemologischer Status dem Beispiel in der Umwelt-Biologie und in der Evolutionstheorie zukommt. Zum ande

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