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Adler, Löwe
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spezialisierte Arten, unabhängig, nicht fit für die kommende Epoche der Evolution
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Species outside the interdependent alliance are not able to reproduce as swiftly as domesticated species. Their dwindling populations are thus threatened with extinction. Specialized, self-sufficient species such as of eagles and the Lion (Leo leo, 'the King of Beasts'), that we are used to supposing the most fit in Nature, are being vastly outreproduced by a few interdependent, less specialized forms. The fittest still survive, but despecialized interdependencies among species is a newly important strategy in Nature and is redefining the concept of 'fit'.

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Raymond P. Coppinger und Charles Kay Smith. „The Domestication of Evolution“. In: Environmental Conservation 10.4 (Winter 1983), S. 283–292
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