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Charles Darwin established the convention of considering domestication apart from Nature by using it in The Origin of Species as an instance of artificial selection whereas, implicitly, ›real‹ evolution proceeds by natural selection. For Darwin [...], and most biologists since, domestication has been important primarily as a metaphorical analogue for the way evolution works but is itself not perceived as a natural process. We suggest that current biological concepts of what is fit and adaptive in Nature are, as a result, at least 15,000 years out of date. For, these conventional ›fitness‹ models--models that are still the foundation of much of our environmental as well as of our political, economic, and social, planning--were developed without recognition of domestic alliance as a natural evolutionary event, which at the same time constitutes an extraordinary important adaptive strategy.

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Raymond P. Coppinger und Charles Kay Smith. „The Domestication of Evolution“. In: Environmental Conservation 10.4 (Winter 1983), S. 283–292
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